Name Meaning:
Yoga; alignment of mind, body, spirit
Zeah; light, splendor, glow

Hi Friends, and thank you for visiting my page! I am so excited to be of service to you on your yoga journey! I am also looking forward to us getting to know each other…Here’s a little info about me to get us started…

My background roots run deep in gymnastics and dance, and I first found yoga as a means to recover from a severe recurring back injury. Yoga not only healed my injury, it opened me up in more ways than I had ever imagined. The alignment of the physical practice lead me to discover dormant gifts in Energy Healing and Spiritual Connection– Paths of which continue to unfold almost daily!

When it comes to teaching yoga, I like to keep a therapeutic mindset with focus on alignment, skillful precision and intelligent sequencing. That being said, I still love to have a playful and relatable approach to the movement and peel away the layers necessary to take my students into that deep stillness they are craving. 

I’ve been teaching in Orange County, CA for nearly ten years. My current class styles include: Align & Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga & Mindfulness for Athletes, and Corporate Wellness. I offer private sessions (in person & online) in both yoga and Energy Healing.  I use muscle testing in each energy healing session to discover the most efficient modality to fit your needs.  Energy Modalities include: Reiki, Aura Personality Readings, Oracle Card Readings and Chakra Balancing.  Dance and Choreography will always be a passion of mine, so I definitely get excited to sprinkle those sessions in upon request 😉  

Let me know how I can help you ALIGN & SHINE!

Namaste with LOVE,





1 thought on “About”

  1. From the super fun, finding hip hop in yoga, to super intelligent cueing, her lovely Yin offerings, ,with her highly developed energy healing modality Leah is a gifted yoga instructor with Sooo much to offer beyond a standard Vinyasa class. I’ve been blessed to know her for many years now and her intuition into what is going on inside her students bodies is remarkable. A class with Leah should never be missed!!


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