Name Meaning:
Yoga; union of mind, body, spirit
Zeah; light, splendor, glow

Hi Friends, and thank you for visiting my page! I am so excited to be of service to you in living the life of your dreams! I am looking forward to us getting to know each other.  Here’s a little info about me to get us started.

I grew up in the sport of gymnastics and competitive dance and went on to receive a BFA degree in Dance Performance from the University of North Texas. At 25 years old, I gave up my roll as a College Adjunct Dance Faculty member to pursue a professional performance career that ultimately left me burnt out from every angle, mind, body and spirit. I found Yoga to be a safe haven from the ultra competitive environment I had once known.  In the yoga room, I felt in ownership of my body.  The shapes (asanas) were no longer something to “perform”, but something to FEEL. They were the tools that healed by body, transformed my life, awakened my gifts in Energy Healing, and deepened my connection with Spirit.  At the core, I have learned that SHINE is something that you ARE, not something that you DO. Sometimes we just need a teacher, a mentor, someone to help us buff out the surface.

When it comes to teaching yoga, I like to keep a therapeutic mindset with focus on alignment, skillful precision and intelligent sequencing. That being said, I still love to have a playful and relatable approach to the movement and peel away the layers necessary to take my students into that deep stillness they are craving. Whether we’re busting funky dance moves or diving into a deep meditative state, these practices will undoubtedly change your life. It is my deepest intent to hold a safe space for you to clear the fog, so you can show up in this world as your best self and enjoy it to the fullest.

I currently offer Private Sessions (in person & online) in Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga, Dance, and Energy Healing.  I use muscle testing in each Energy Healing session to discover the most efficient modality to fit your needs.  Energy Modalities include: Reiki, Aura Personality Readings, Oracle Card Readings and Chakra Balancing.  

Let me know how I can help you ALIGN & SHINE!

Namaste with LOVE,



BFA Degree in Dance Performance UNT
SmartFlow Yoga 200+ 
Ziva Meditation
Reiki Master

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  1. From the super fun, finding hip hop in yoga, to super intelligent cueing, her lovely Yin offerings, ,with her highly developed energy healing modality Leah is a gifted yoga instructor with Sooo much to offer beyond a standard Vinyasa class. I’ve been blessed to know her for many years now and her intuition into what is going on inside her students bodies is remarkable. A class with Leah should never be missed!!

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To my friend and amazing yoga teacher , Leah Lynn is one of a kind she has very uplifting energy & has helped me over come my own struggles with mental health. What really worked for me was doing the 21 day meditation challenge on her podcast, as a pro mma fighter the mental pressures that come during fight camp and out of fight camp can be over whelming at times and the way I try to stay grounded is through Leah Lynn’s meditation podcast on Spotify. I till this day listen to it, whenever I’m feeling gloomy I tune into Leahs podcast & it has changed my life. Thank you Leah Lynn for all that you do. ♥️🙏

Diana Mendoza

Diana Mendoza

As a heavy lifter, a constant goer, and a personal trainer I was craving a fun, free flowing movement practice without any focus on reps/sets/pounds etc…
I came across a woman named Leah!

She has done and studied so many different practices giving her the ability and notion to pick up on when a person needs space to be held or pushed.

She teaches me hip-hop but it seems almost silly to call it that as she has taught me so much more. She has taught me how to open up, how to feel, how to let it go, and how to embrace a movement practice that can sometimes feel nerve racking.

I would highly urge anyone feeling stuck in a practice to open up to something new, something different, something scary… Stoked that I did and stoked that it led me to Leah!

Jaclyn Kuluris

Jaclyn Kuluris