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“Leah is phenomenally gifted at what she does, and I feel fortunate indeed to have the privilege to be her student.  Leah is a nurturing, patient and generous person and teacher; she leads me to explore myself and my world through Yoga. Unpretentious and with a lot of humor, Leah brings her incredibly deep and extensive knowledge of yoga to her students. I always leave feeling more uplifted and inspired then when I came. In an era when there is so much need for grounding in our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit, we are blessed to have teachers such as Leah among us. She exemplifies yoga principles of respect, awareness and deep commitment to personal practice.  She appreciates and attends to individual needs and circumstances without compromising high standards of practice and discipline.  She instills a love of yoga in her students with her skill, passion and compassion.  Her studio has an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Her teachings encourage me to keep on studying about the wonderful yoga philosophy and lifestyle.”

-Judy Blazona : YogaZeah Private Yoga Student


Growing up I have always been a restless individual; practicing yoga with Leah at Subfighter MMA and at her studio has helped me control and still my mind not only on the mat but off the mat as well.
As an amateur fighter, yoga has helped me realize that the mind needs just as much conditioning as the physical body does.
I strongly recommend Leah’s yoga classes to anyone interested in investing in improving their mental and physical health.
-Erik van Der lee: Yoga Student